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Our First Blog Entry...A little about Us

January 15, 2019

Pawprints Grooming officially opened its doors in September of 2018 with the goal to provide exceptional dog grooming and pet sitting services near you- the more rural areas of Elizabethtown, Hershey, Middletown and Hummelstown. With convenient scheduling and an appointment-only set up, you can have peace of mind that Fido won't have to wait very long to get in for a groom. And when he's in the salon, he'll be the center of my attention from start to finish! Affordable dog grooming, can sometimes mean a lack of skill or care, but not at Pawprints! With five dogs of my own, I know what it is like to want to give them the best without breaking the bank!

Pawprints offers regular nail trims, baths, de-shedding treatments, full grooms, etc. Whatever you, the owner, would like, I do my very best to meet your wishes all while keeping your best friend safe and comfortable. I take great pride in my work and am always striving to improve my grooming skills. I know there are many places to choose from, so I appreciate you allowing me to be your pet groomer!

At Pawprints, your groomer is certified and has an experienced background in handling and caring for dogs. I hold certifications in pet grooming, pet CPR and first aid, and in dog training. This allows me to understand and care for your dog at a greater level than others in the industry. I look forward to providing your furry family member with the care they need for years to come!

Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe & Happy This Spring Season

March 7, 2019

Snow may still be on the ground, but Spring is technically only a few short weeks away! That means warmer weather, more sunshine, and your dog can enjoy extra time outside. But with Spring comes pet parent concerns to be aware of.

As the weather warms those pesky fleas and ticks will be back at it, so it is important to have your pets on some type of tick and flea preventative, such as Frontline or Seresto. There are many options out there, so be sure to discuss it with your vet at your next visit. It is also a good idea to get in the habit of regularly checking over your dog for fleas and ticks after being outside. It doesn't take long for those troublemakers to find there way onto your furry friends. Ticks are no longer just a wooded area issue. Your backyard or the stroll you take through the neighborhood can now leave you and your dog just as susceptible.

With more time outdoors dogs can also find themselves getting into things they shouldn't. Many problems, big and small, can stem from them eating something harmful. For example, some plants can be toxic to dogs. If you are planting anything new it might be wise to do a quick check online to see if it is safe for pets to ingest. Intentionally or not these things can happen. The same goes for sticks and pebbles. If your companion is a stick-chewer (We have two in our family!) be extra careful if leaving them alone in the yard. Splinters from sticks can be super dangerous, as can swallowed stones or pebbles. Giving them some special outdoor toys may help keep them away from any potential risks.

And lastly, as your begin your spring cleaning indoors pay attention to the products you are using to clean with. Just as with humans, some cleaning products are very toxic to dogs and cats alike. Try to use products that are safer or have eco-friendly ingredients. It is wise to always clean up whatever products your using when finished so that Fido doesn't get into them by accident. Another suggestion is to keep the dog in a separate room or area of the house while cleaning so that accidental contact with the cleaning chemicals doesn't happen. Some dogs have more sensitive skin than others so it is a good idea to look-over your dog's skin after using cleaning products indoors to ensure they aren't experiencing any allergic reaction. And as the weather warms at least one or two times a week do a once-over to make sure they don't have any rashes or irritations.

When Spring does finally arrive don't waste it, head outside with your best friend and enjoy the nicer weather! Just be prepared when doing so!